Five Tips to Become the BEST Salesperson


Your sales guide – you know you’ve, been listening to me for a while now about sales tips, sales strategies I’ve, been into sales space now for about 30 years, made a commitment when I was 25 years old.

I’m, going to become the guy, the legend, the living legend of everything sales and over the last I don’t, know 25 or 30 years I’ve, read Brian Tracy Tom Hopkins. You know you name it. Okay, all the greats from Zig, all the guys, Jackie, all the guys that have ever the guys in galas that have ever dropped sales knowledge, read hundreds of sales books watched thousands of hours of video on sales, and I came here today to share with you five Tips on how to be a better salesperson, my staff actually put this together based on other information.

I’ve done and they wanted me to share with you these five tips. More information use video as much as possible. Write up a hundred percent of the customers become a celebrity and train every day that’s.

What they wanted me to give you here’s, my notes, but this is what I’m, going to give you okay, now that I have a little maturity now that I know what I’m doing As opposed to when I was 25 30, 35 and 40 and thought I did look if I had the sales game, if I was starting my career all over again John pass me that millionaire booklet, I would start everything over differently.

You know, after 30, 30 years of interviewing salespeople being with masters and pros. I just spent some time with it. God they have done twenty five billion dollars, whether real estate sales, I’ve met some of the best mortgage brokers in the country.

Some of the best insurance agents in the world, some of the best financial planners on this planet. When I say best, I mean they make the most money. Okay, let’s. Call a spade a spade. Okay, the best salespeople number one make the most money you guys are gals out there.

They’re bragging about your closing ratio. You’re. Like I’m, the best closer in a world grant cardone. I could close anybody. Look if you’re, not making money, you are not the best. So I’m going to give you five tips today off-the-cuff.

I hope this is just enough to get you reel it up and restart it on your sales career, whether you’re new to sales, then around sales, a while or you’re, a master of your universe. I want to take you to the next level.

First thing you got to get right if you want to be in the sales game today. If you got to get your freaking financial literacy right? You got to get your money financial mindset right. You’ve got to start thinking about taking your finances from the level you are to the level where you and your family deserve to be now. You know this is true. Okay, people that are not making enough money simply make sense of why they’re, not making enough money. Money is not going to make me happy.

I’m fine, where I am. I’m, doing better than people that live in Afghanistan, okay, but none of that makes sense if you have the potential to make more money. If you have a great product, a great company – and you know another call another strategy, one more little – maybe angle – something that you could persist with.

If you know that you could be making more money and you aren’t, let’s. Get that fixed okay, I wrote this little book called the millionaire booklet. This took me about two hours to write. This took me thirty years to put together.

Okay, this is the playbook to millions. We actually called it playbook to millions originally and Google and Facebook wouldn’t. Let me advertise it because they said you can’t promise to make people millionaires.

I said no, you can’t. I can. I’ve made millionaires and the first thing to becoming a millionaire a multi-millionaire. I hacked a millionaire or a billionaire, and I’ve spent time with enough millionaires.

Now is they have made decisions to get their money right? Okay, whether they’re, going public or selling a product scaling out, they had to make a decision to get the money, the finance model of their household, their business, their product or their IPO right.

If they want to go to the market and become a public company, so number one get your money right. It’s, not about product knowledge. First, it’s, not about sales knowledge. First, it’s, not about sales process.

First, it’s not about to follow up first or right in the customer up. First, it’s, not even about attitude. First, it’s about get your financial mental, get your money, mental right! Okay, because if you’re satisfied, if you’re happy where you are financially, would you sell anything else? Look let’s face it! Your own commission! You get paid to sell things.

You get paid to close deals. You get paid to follow up only when it works. Okay, number one get your money mindset right when I put this book out. This is 420 pages personal finances, creating a millionaire how to make millions in business who have a business.

Even if you’re, just a salesperson, the wealth creation formula, okay, the rest of this book is sales strategies, 320 pages of sales strategy, a hundred pages on finances; okay, actually it’s, 161 pages on finances and the rest of the Book 260 pages is on sales, top sales secrets connect, super life sales secrets follow up the greatest sales secret by the way follow up was where the money is number one to follow up.

All the money is in the follow up it’s, not an amazing grief. It’s, not on the internet. It’s in the follow up. You got a lead. Somebody’s interested. How do I follow them up now? This is where the financial thing comes back into play, because the follow up is hard.

Nobody wants to make that second call much less, the third one or the fourth window. Fifth one: do you know that 25 % of all sales people make one phone call and quit. 48 percent never make two calls most never make the first one it’s crazy.

Okay, most of your sales are made closed between the fifth and the eighth call. If you’re advertising on the internet, there’s, a good chance. You have to call people eight to 11 times just to get them on the phone.

One time to qualify them the first time to see if they’re even on the right product so follow up. The fortunes are in the follow up.
Number three: you got to mix up. You got to mix up your strategies, it can’t just be one strategy.
You’re, no longer just a phone person or an in-person person or an Internet person. If you’re heavily dependent upon the internet, do not abandon your other mixed choices. This is like mixed martial arts.

We call it mixed martial selling that’s right mixed martial selling. I am the mixed martial arts of sales because I use a phone I use the Internet, I use social different than the internet and

Number four.I use a personal visit. I will walk in knock on your door and

Number five. I use referral. So what are your different mixed, martial arts? If you will you’re mixed arts of sales? Today, the Internet’s, one, the phones, one retail, traditional retail, visits for social media and number five referrals influencers getting other people to endorse you? Okay, number four : seventy-two percent of all sales people and sales organizations never write a deal up.

This is one of the points that I wanted to share with you today, one of the things I built my entire career over one thing. That probably has me responsible for more deals. More closes more companies more business than any other single thing.

I’ve done in my career right. The deal up. Okay, when I’m buying real estate, I’ve, bought and sold seven hundred fifty million dollars, whether real estate, every one of them every property I bought with the sales game.

It was all the sales came first, I had to get my finances right. Second thing I had to do was make a call follow the guy he’s, trying to sell a property. I got to find out. Why would you sell it to me? How can I get in his circle of influence? Okay, how can I get their attention? How can I then follow them up to keep their attention every real estate deal? I’ve ever bought required me to follow up just to buy the deal, which is a sales job.

Three I had to use my mic’s pass to get the deal for. I had to write a deal up. I can talk till I’m blue in the face there’s, a there’s, a guy I wanted to buy his property. He wouldn’t respond to my phone call, so what I did was sent him an LOI letter of intent to purchase his property number four.

If you don’t get to the write up, nothing matters you guys in retail, you guys in gals in retail. If you’re, not writing the customer up. You’re, showing the product presenting the product walking around the product and you never write them up.

You will never close the deal every meal. You have ever closed in your entire lifetime guarantee you wrote it up. You didn’t talk about it to close it, you had on a contract on a proposal. Somebody had to sign something to buy it.

You wrote them up now. The last thing I’m going to tell you is this and I could go on and on. I could give you another six points to take you to the master levels. Okay, love to get you my playbook. By the way.

This thing is the bomb, but the fifth thing I want to tell you is the reason you get this training. If you’re, not going to Train, then put a sign on your desk, I quit learning a long time ago and see how many people want to buy from tell your family go home and tell your wife and your kids I quit learning.

I quit reading I quit studying I quit training I can’t get any better put on there done. I’m finished. I’m in retirement early. I’m going to purgatory. I’m. Going to wait, it out cross my fingers and hope they bring me the sails.

Heaven. Look. You’re done. If you don’t train okay! Now I know you know this. You’ve heard it. I hate to tell you this: my boy, ed McGregor, Conor, Conor, McGregor McGregor, my boy, Conor, McGregor, yeah, went and bucks on fight in New York.

I went and saw him fight for one reason, because I saw him say I’m, not the best. This isn’t about talent. It’s because I’m obsessed. I am out train everyone else. I have to win so bad. I train. Look if you’re, not training.

That says something about your obsession or lack of obsession with winning. I want you to win. I know you’re, your wife or your husband, your spouse, your family members, your kids, your mom and dad want you to win at the next level.

No matter what they tell you, even if they tell you you’re, doing great Pat you in the back. You know the truth. You know the truth. The only way to win is to train. The only way to win is to read the only way to win is to learn, learn, more, listen, more, learn, something new! Look.

We’re gonna we’re in a time like we’ve, never been before technologies. Come and go faster than people do things are changing like this, whether it’s, video you’re using or social media, or snap or or short videos or videos that disappear, videos that stay or text messaging that you can create to Push and market and brand yourself called text messaging, which I’ve, been using a lot look the world’s changing and if you’re saying to yourself, I’m too old to learn that.

Well, then, guess what you’re too old to learn that you can’t learn anything new. Just put I’m ripe and I’m about to fall off the tree and nobody’s. Going to want me look man, you’ve got to train every single day, like your life depends on it every single day.

I am here today. I own these four companies that I own the studio my reputation. Everything is because, when I was 25 years old to the to when I was 30 years old, every single day I trained watching video every day I’d watch the video I’d, walk in and then I would role play and Then we would do a sales meeting every single day and immediately immediately when I was 25 years old.

That is what changed my whole life. My commitment to training my commitment and willingness to sit down every day taking a piece of data, sit down and role play that with somebody else. Okay, look at my stats every day and on the way home on the drive home every single day.

I would listen to audio on my way to work every day. I would listen to audio when I woke up in the morning. I’d watch video every morning. When I got to work. I role played every time I lost the deal I rolled played what I would do differently next time to get that deal.

That is a commitment. Now commitment started with number one. I wanted to get my money right. I got tired, sick and tired of going to the store having to put a bag up. I got sick and tired of hearing myself say that’s too much money.

When I was at the store the restaurant, I got sick and tired of that. The only reason there was not too much money was because I wasn’t selling enough. I wasn’t making enough, and why was I only selling enough just to complain? It’s because I wasn’t because I wasn’t training because I didn’t know what to do.

You could change that right. Now, okay, I have products online that cost nothing. I have products online that cost 500 bucks. I got products online that cost $ 50,000. I want to help you to the degree that you’re.

Able to help yourself right now to listen to this message is a great thing. Congratulations! It’s. What you do after this message. Do you even remember the five things I shared with you? If not go back and watch your video and you will, see the importance of repetition.

If you don’t remember what I’ve shared in this video. The five specific tips go back and watch this video, and you will understand how much you miss when you hear something I want to help you.

My name is Grant Cardone, they call me the greatest salesman in the world and I know more about selling in the 21st century, whether its traditional on the phone cold calling warm calling a referral to somebody only to an elevator pitch to sell in $ 1.

00 products or 100 million dollar products, I’ve Done all that everything in between I know how to sell in this mixed martial arts universe. If you will – and I want to help you do the same check out my playbook to millions – maybe we give them a little link or something Robert when you give them something a little teaser, so I could put you in a funnel.

All know about those there’s, a game-changer baby, it’s, a game change, okay, but just because you go to the click funnel order, social media or you love Facebook. Does that mean you? Don’t continue to work.

All the other angles and that’s, my last tip of the day work every angle back to number three mixed: the mixed art of sale.

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