About Srikanth C J

I finished my degree in Engineering and chose a career in the field I loved most; Sales. After working for a couple of years I realised I needed to turn my clock back by a few years, as I believed that one does not HAVE to retire at the age of 58 but one can choose to retire earlier as well! We forget to pursue our passion while living our routine, monotonous life and that is when I got an opportunity to work in the Middle East for a few years.

Fast forward to August 2008, I was casually browsing through the Internet and came across affiliate marketing, realizing straight away that there was lots of money to be made on the Internet. Today I am an Entrepreneur, passionate about Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

My hunger to learn all there was about Internet Marketing did not stop. I learnt through the failures, that staying determined and holding on to what you loved doing, was the key to success. Only one person could do something about my life, ME! This is what you must understand. Only one person can change your life, and that is YOU! Once you grasp this concept, things will start to change for the better. If you hate your job, hate having no money, find that you cannot work due to poor health, are retired or whatever situation you might find yourself in, it CAN change, it WILL change, but only YOU can do it.

My Mission is to help you create, Multiple Streams of Passive Income by guiding and coaching you to accomplish your Financial Mission. Your success is in your hands and nothing can change that. You have to grasp what the Internet, and more importantly the gargantuan Information Age has to offer; a better life for us all. We are all extremely lucky to be alive in this time. About 10 years back, this sort of a lifestyle would have been deemed impossible but now it IS, for each and every single one of us. It is possible to be a huge success because of the Internet and the fact that people will pay for information.

And to think that this industry will only get bigger and better in the future! The Internet is creating successful, wealthy people on a daily basis. I already know you have what it takes to become a success or you wouldn’t be reading this far down the page, this alone proves you have the desire to succeed and as my blog reader, I aim to put you on that road to success. If ever there is anything I can do to help, simply get in touch and I’ll do my very best.

Here’s to your success,

Srikanth C J

P.S. If you asked me to recommend one piece of information that could help you get started and become a success, THIS is it. Attend the training(be sure to take notes). It has helped thousands of people succeed and YOU could be next!

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