Are Introverts the Best Marketers Today…


Let us know first that introverts aren’t necessarily shy. They are, definitely , quieter than extroverts.  Introverts have lot to talk when they have something important to say, but they normally stay quiet when the topic is small talk.  As small talk is not important to them.

For example there are 2 salespeople – an extrovert and an introvert. The extrovert is mostly going to talk – and talk – and talk – that is what we expect from a sales person. And in all this talking, the extrovert will makes some sales.

Here the introvert will do something different than the extrovert, who commonly fails to do – the introvert will ask questions and patiently LISTENS to the answers. It doesn’t mean that they wait for the prospect to stop talking that they begin extolling all the great benefits of the product. What I mean is they LISTEN.

They are keen to know what’s bothering the prospect that keeps him awake at night in relation to the problem the product can solve. They get to understand the prospect’s fears, dreams, desires, etc.

They get to know what’s worked for the prospect, what’s failed for the prospect, and what the prospect really and truly wants so that they can help this prospect get it.

This sales person will continue to use questions as they showcase their product or service, which directs the prospect to the desired conclusion – that this product is what they have been looking for and need it.

Everything being on same footing, 8 times out of 10 the introvert salesperson will outsell the extrovert – as they asked questions and listened patentenly to the answers.

Introverted marketers can also have the same advantage as introverted sales people. They try to find what it is their prospects truly looking for. They ask lot of questions, whether in person or over Skype, in forums, or via email, etc. And they give great attention to the answers.

These marketers spend quite a lot of time researching what other successful marketers are doing now.

They just don’t get into assumption mode that they already have the answers – instead of that , they are always looking to those who’ve succeeded and they ask how it was done and how it can be done better.

Now extroverts too can master these skills of asking questions and listening to the answers just like any introvert, if they really try. It may be difficult initially , but eventually it will come with practice.

Today if you look at the most successful people in the world,you will find that they stand on the shoulders of those who came before. They asked the right questions, got the right answers and used this knowledge to carve their place in the tough world.

You too can try it. Next time if someone comes to you for advice, ask them questions first. Next time if someone asks about your product, get to ask their needs first. Next time if someone is looking for help on a forum, get more information from them. And as usual pay close attention to what they say before you come up with your reply.

It is unknown fact that asking the right questions and listening to the answers can be one of the highest paying skills in the world today.


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