10 Cost Effective Sales Boosters You Need to Look At


Gone are those days of spending a fortune to boost sales. Will share here 10 effective and easy ways to sky rocket your profits without making a major dent in your advertising budget.

1.Testing And Evaluating the right way
Do you know how much of your advertising budget to be spent for experimenting the latest strategies in marketing? The mentors in marketing say that for new and improved marketing methods the spend should be 20% and for the “Tried and Tested” marketing strategies the spend should be the balance 80%.

2.How to capture attention through your website?
The task should be to always to grab the readers attention the moment they land on your web page Yes, its true… if the attention is not caught on the fold of your web page , they will just bounce and leave the page for something more exciting stuff!

3.Postcards – Age Old Best Kept Secret
The most quick and easy way to execute are postcards, they get read and not to mention this one activity can save a great deal of money and your market is laser targeted. Yes, not only they are cost effective but they get read compared to any other advertising method. A sure shot winner to implement.

4.A Satisfied Customer will Sell
You Let a satisfied customer do the selling for you. Yes, its difficult sometime to brag about your business as effectively as a satisfied customer. The testimonials prove that you deliver what you say or promise. Use this testimonials all across in your ads, website and also in your sales copies that you distribute.

5.Just Ask for the Sale
Best salesmen are not only good in listening and answering questions the customer has, they identify their needs and desires, and just do not hesitate to ask for the sale. Yes , they’re just not afraid to ask them to buy now! This is quite often required to put a little bit of pressure on the customer to close a deal.

6.Raise Value of your Product
The value of the product is like seeing beauty in the eyes of the beholder. You should raise the perceived value of your product by showing the benefits that your consumer might have overlooked. While doing this you can also raise the price. Yes, Everyone knows that the more in value,product/service will have higher price tags! This will be a surprise to you to see your profits skyrocket.

7.Allow it to be easy to Decide.
Have you ever faced a hard time deciding what to purchase? Yes, It happens that you don’t always come to a decision immediatley. Do know that when a customer walks out of the store without making a buying decision, you have taken a big chance of losing the sale too. Hence keep minimum options to maximise the sales figures

8.Good to Break it Down
Do you sell a big ticket item? The best way to make is more appealing is to price into bite prices by showing Rs 149 a day sounds much cheaper than Rs 4470/-.
9. Create Unexpected Bonus
Any unexpected bonus with a purchase will make it look like you got a lot more for the money you paid. This will make the customers smile as they walk away after paying and will keep them coming back for more.

10.Customer Complaints
Never waste time getting to the bottom of the problem when customers complain. They are also human and want to feel they are being heard or they wouldn’t at the first place take time to complain to you. Don’t be afraid that you’ll be losing profit, if you stretch backwards to accommodate them. Always think.. an unhappy customer you turn into a happy customer will remain a loyal customer for life. Yes, it does pay in the long run.

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10 Cost Effective Sales Boosters You Need to Look At
10 Cost Effective Sales Boosters You Need to Look At

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